Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to announce our new name…Intandem Credit Union! We’re still the same credit union you know and trust – just with a new look and name that better represents our culture and approach to service. We live and work among our neighbors. We are focused on you, and together, we are investing in one another.

Q: When will the name change take effect?

A: On July 1, 2021 Intandem Credit Union will officially change its name to Intandem Credit Union. You will begin seeing us transition to the new brand identity and design right away. Changes will also include a new logo, branch signage, website, mobile app, and other visual applications.

Q: Why are you changing the name of the credit union?

A: We hear from people every day that our current name causes potential members to believe they cannot join. Because of this hindrance to growth, we have been considering a name change for quite some time. Our name change is part of a long-range plan to continue growing a relevant organization that is inclusive of every member and community we serve now and in the future. The Board of Directors and management team made the final decision after extensive research, careful review, and discussion.

Q: Is the credit union financially stable and secure?

A: Absolutely! We have been a strong financial institution for over 65 years. This name change will help position us for continued growth into the next 65 years and beyond.

Q: Is the name change a result of a merger or acquisition?

A: No. The name change is not the result of a merger or acquisition of any kind.

Q: Is management, staff, or the board of directors changing?

A: This name change will not be the reason for any leadership or staff changes. The executive team and Board of Directors in place today are the same people guiding and executing the name change.

Q: How did you select the new name and logo?

A: We spent many months working with an experienced and respected branding firm to develop a name and image that most accurately represents our approach to service and our commitment to you and our neighborhoods. The name Intandem represents our belief that we are stronger together. When you are financially secure, so are we, and together we help our neighborhoods flourish.

Our logo represents the communities we serve. We live and work amongst our members. We share sidewalks, playgrounds, schools, and businesses. We believe that our success and the success of the people who live in the neighborhoods we serve goes hand-in-hand. We have created some very fun secondary logos that represent well-known landmarks from our neighborhoods. We’re excited to share those with you in the branches you visit.

Q: How will current members benefit from this name change?

A: By continuing to grow a relevant organization that is inclusive of every member and community we serve, we will be in a better position than ever before to offer our members the latest and best products and services in the financial industry.

Q: Who will be eligible to join?

A: Our field of membership has not changed. Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends post high school institutions in Kent County is eligible for membership. Our new name is not about outgrowing our roots, it is about growing them deeper into the neighborhoods we serve.

Q: Was the name change expensive?

A: While an endeavor like this is a significant investment, we put careful, thoughtful consideration into this name change, and are confident it will produce good returns for you.

Q: What will change with the new name?

A: Beginning on July 1st you will start to see exterior and interior branch signage changes, and an updated website and mobile app with our new name, branding and logo. You will be issued new credit and debit cards with the same card numbers and PINs. The same familiar faces will continue to provide the same great service you depend on.

Q: Will my credit, debit, or ATM card still work?

A: Yes. Your current cards will still work. However, you will be issued a card with our new name and branding.

          • Upon receipt of your new credit or debit card, it is important that you activate it right away. This will deactivate your previous card.
          • Your card number and personal identification number (PIN) will remain the same.
          • Your expiration date will change. However, you do not have to update it with any stored accounts. We participate in a process that allows this update to happen automatically.
          • If you carry an ATM card, you will receive a new “debit” card. This does not change the ways in which you can access your funds. Please call us at 888.336.3490 if you have questions.

Q: Will my account numbers change? What will happen to my automatic payments and direct deposit?

A: Your account number will not change. Our routing number will also remain the same. All direct deposits, payroll deductions, automatic drafts and other ACH services are transmitted using the credit union’s routing number and your account number. Since these numbers have not changed, your payments will process without any change on your part.

Q: Will I still be able to use my checks?

A: Yes. Your checks will still work, even with the old name. Your checks are processed electronically using the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) number at the bottom of your checks. Those numbers will remain constant even if the name and logo on your checks is different. When it’s time for you to re-order, checks with the new name of the credit union will be issued. If you order checks from an outside company, you can continue to use those as well. When you re-order, you will need to supply them with the new name.

Q: Will the credit union phone numbers, website and email addresses change?

A: All phone numbers will remain the same. Our new website address is, and email addresses will use Expect to see our new look after July 1st, but there will be no change to the navigation on the website. The current website address and email addresses will automatically redirect to our new addresses.

Q: What happens to the mobile app and online banking?

A: The look and color of the mobile app will change with our new logo and name. You may see some other changes but they are due to planned version upgrades and have nothing to do with the name change.

Q: Can I still use shared branching locations?

A: Yes, our relationship with Xtend Shared Branching and CO-OP Shared Branching remains the same. You should be prepared to provide them with the new name.

Q: Will branch days of operation and hours change?

A: No. Branches will continue to be open and available to you the same days and times we have listed on the website and mobile app.

Q: Will there be any change in my statement cycle or in the way the statements are presented?

A: No. The statement cycle and format will remain the same. Please note that if you access e-Statements from periods prior to the name change, they will bear the name Intandem Credit Union.

Q: With the new name, does this show up as a new listing or impact my credit in any way?

A: No. Loans and inquiries created prior to July 1, 2021 will show as Intandem Credit Union. Loans and inquiries created after July 1, 2021 will show as Intandem Credit Union.

Q: Where can I find additional information?

A: Call us during business hours, Monday-Friday, at (888) 336.3490, or stop by a branch during our hours of operation.

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