Make A Payment

Make quick, secure loan payments online using a credit card*, debit card, or directly from your savings or checking account at another financial institution.  Remember, you can use go to your Online Banking site to make a free transfer payment if you’re using your Intandem CU savings or checking.

  • Use your member number (without account suffixes) and enter the information for the primary account holder to make either a one time payment or recurring payments.

  • Recurring payments from an account at another financial institution are FREE.

  • One-time payments using a debit card, credit card*, or another account are $5.00.

  • Make payments on any consumer loan** or your Intandem CU credit card with a debit card up to $400.00 & ACH payments up to $2500.

  • Registration is easy and secure! All you need is your email address. You will be prompted to create a password or you can make an Express Payment without registering.

  • Allow 1-3 business days for your payments to process.

*VISA® credit cards cannot be used to make payments.
**Mortgage payments cannot be made in the portal.

Woman Accessing Online Banking On the go via cell phone